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An ancient chronicle tells a story of creation and destruction, of warring Gods and tribulations. This chronicle, known only to man as the Kojiki, regales the tale of Izanagi and Izanami, the once-married divine beings whose divorce brought one to the pits of hell. Izanami swore to bring destruction upon humanity as she rotted, and Izanagi resolutely swore to forever protect the Earth. It is now 21xx, and Earth is in a predicament. Izanami has returned, and has summoned the comet 5454 Kojiki to wipe out all existence, once and for all. You must take up the mantle of Izanagi—can you save the Earth from its demise?

Balance your health in this fighter that turns conventions on their heads. Kojiki54% takes place in a Shibuya many years from now—two Gods of old fight to decide the fate of the world, both determined to sway humanity in their favor.

Players are required to expend either Yin or Yang in order to perform actions such as attacks, blocks, and dodges. The goal is to deplete both the Yin and the Yang energies of the opponent in order to win. Light attacks targets the opponent’s Yin (blue), converting portions into Yang (red). A single, successful heavy attack depletes all of the opponent’s Yang. Thus, careful management between the player’s two forces must be maintained in order to achieve success. 

We are a capstone team of four graduating from Sheridan's Bachelor of Game Design.

Our members:

All sound was graciously composed by two great Sheridan MASSIVE Students:


Game is optimized for controller play, but keyboard controls do exist. 

Tutorial is single-player, but main game is a Versus mode between two human players.

Install instructions

Unzip file.

Run Kojiki54%.exe or Install Mac App


KOJIKI54%_Win.zip 73 MB
KOJIKI54%_Mac.zip (Untested) 68 MB

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